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This summer I had my first experience with Erasmus Youth Programme (just during the European Youth Year) by joining some other teachers and youth workers taking part in A.C.T.O.R.’s international project called Butterfly Effect. I attended a training course in Greece to learn about visual and digital tools and to try new artistic techniques and instruments that I can later use with my students during the English lessons.
Apart from the activities organized by the trainers, where we got valuable tools for creating comics with funny characters seen from different perspectives and who have different feelings, the participants also had the chance to organize workshops connected to the theme of the project. So, during Day 3, we attended some interesting sessions in which we experienced creating ChatterPix materials, we used our creativity with Cube Story and we found out how to make a book trailer. We also got an example of using PowerPoint Presentations in Language Education and we created some very nice lapbooks about our own countries and about the Butterfly Effect project. All these are instruments we can use with our groups of learners in order to create experiences to help them acquire new competences, master language or share their feelings and knowledge with the others.
I am grateful for being part of this event, for learning new things and for having opportunities I can use to help my students learn and grow as part of the Butterfly Effect.

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