The Erasmus + study mobility is an unforgettable experience that will broaden my horizons not only professionally but also personally.

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From 21.07 – 27.07.2022 I participated in a training course within the Erasmus + project, Butterfly Effect in Spain , Ciudad Real, together with an amazing and creative team of teachers, students and art experts from Romania, Spain and Greece.
The project brought me closer to new educational methodologies through a creative and innovative vision, showing how creativity can be a beneficial tool for growth and learning.
Non-formal education offers a set of necessary social experiences, useful for every child, youth or adult, complementing other forms of education through”: making the most of pupils’ free time, educationally; opportunities for making the most of pupils’ life experiences, through a more flexible and open setting and by diversifying everyday learning environments; voluntary participation, individually or collectively; flexible ways of responding to pupils’ interests – the wide range of activities it offers and the possibility for each pupil to decide which activities to participate in; developing life skills and preparing young people to become active citizens; in addition to the information and skills specific to certain areas of activity in which non-formal projects or activities fall, pupils also develop organisational skills, self-management, time management, critical thinking, decision-making and problem-solving skills; a framework for exercising and cultivating different inclinations, aptitudes and abilities, for showing talents in art, culture, music, sport, painting, IT, etc. The evaluation of the activities carried out in non-formal education is “optional, non-formalised, with a psychological emphasis, primarily stimulating, without formal grades or marks”. With the increasing demand for vocational training through various forms of non-formal education, there are also situations where these are completed with certificates or diplomas.Non-formal education is important because of the following pedagogical advantages: it is learner-centred, focused on the learning process, not on the teaching process, and makes differentiated demands on participants.

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