The comic as a creative learning tool:

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The Butterfly Effect Project brings us closer to new learning methodologies through a more creative and innovative vision. As an educational psychologist, creativity is a topic of great interest to me when developing my work with students, as I find it a very beneficial tool to grow and learn. This project has given me the opportunity to learn about different options on how to apply this concept in the educational field.
In this article I would like to give an example of one of the tasks carried out during these days: the comic. The exercise consisted of creating a comic in a free way through images, drawings, phrases, etc. It seems to me a very original idea to transfer to the classroom, facilitating the teaching-learning processes from a different, fun and innovative point of view.
It is applicable to any subject of knowledge, since it presents a great flexibility when working on it.
In addition, it allows teachers to be updated and students to play a more practical and active role. Finally, I would like to highlight the wide range of competencies that this task allows to develop and launch a reflection: what competencies do you think would be involved if we were to transfer this exercise to the classroom?

Testimony of Rosalía Cuéllar Díaz.

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