Story telling

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The Erasmus Butterfly Effect project K2 brought together young people and teachers from Romania, Spain and Greece from July 21 to July 27, 2022 in Ciudad Real, Spain. The themes addressed in this project highlighted the creativity of the participants, demonstrating the importance of creativity development techniques. One of these methods is Story Telling, a method that involves creating a story based on the actions of team members. This method can be implemented either through the use of dice with symbols on the sides, or through the creation of a collective story, where each participant tells a word and his/her teammate continues with another word. Together with colleagues from Spain and Greece, we managed to create unique stories with unexpected twists and endings. Using this method in the classroom brings extra energy, dynamics and good mood.
The originality, creativity and speed with which the participants managed to accomplish these tasks were up to the organisers’ expectations. We realised that the cultural barrier was overcome by the visual, the creativity, the authenticity.

Irina Aldea

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