I was taught that

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I was taught that there was only one way to study: sit down, pick up a book, and read it and read it until you memorize it like a parrot.
They said that a child playing with a console wasted time.
Some even dared to say that art is useless, that only those who wanted to “live from the story” were dedicated to it..
They were wrong, they were all wrong.
Each one has to find their way, their rhythm, .. I, for example, learned to add with little colored lacas and with the console I improved my attention.
With the drawing and painting classes I learned the importance of colors in a world of greys.
And almost without meaning to, I came here, to Makri (Athens) with the Mille Cunti Association and its Erasmus project + BUTTERFLY EFECT.
Here they taught us how to start drawing your own comic protagonist.
We discover applications and games that can help us in our work (on the first day we competed to see which team reached the tallest and most original sand castle).
We learned about other cultures: their dances, typical dishes, music..

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