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Education is probably one of the most abstract and ambiguous concepts I have ever known. We cannot create a rigid, immutable definition, nor can we consider that education cannot be explained or conceptualized. There are many ways of dealing with education, of continuing to learn from it and to refine our own definition of education and the concept of educational. However, I have the continuous feeling that education is treated as if it was already created, and everyone was a part of it. What if education is something infinite and so abstract that it is never complete? I am not referring to someone’s personal education, nor to academic education, I am referring to the concept of education itself. Education is constantly changing, transforming and, ironically, I found out that those who try to define education are, actually, the ones creating and constructing it.
After these first few days, I feel more educated than I did when I arrived. I feel more educated when my colleagues from other countries feel comfortable in my presence and share with me curiosities about their lives and cultures. I feel more educated after creating an atmosphere of trust in just a few days with my roommates. I feel more educated when I can understand someone who does not speak any of the languages I speak. In short, I feel more educated when I share: time, experiences, spaces…
To sum up, what I have learned these days is that education is created by sharing, getting to know, talking, finding coincidences and also differences. I think that we will never complete the meaning of the word education, but I also think that, if there is a chance to achieve it, it would be in a collective way.

Testimony of Claudia Blanco Prego.

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