Digital tools in Education

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This summer I participated for the first time in an international training course in Greece, called Butterfly Effect with Erasmus Youth Program. The goal was to learn about visual and digital tools and also to try new non formal techniques as teachers in order to widen our perspectives, empower ourselves and create comics according to a variety of themes. During this program, we had the chance to focus in our inner artist and revive our creativity. Also,we remembered how difficult and demanding learning is. Usually as teachers we forget that aspect. Furthermore, we had the chance to share our own good practices, which we use in our classrooms to improve our lessons and motivate our students like Comica, ChatterPix, Cube story technique, Booktrailer technique and how to use PowerPoint in Second Language education. Apart from the above, we learned how to express ourselves through creating our own comic characters. Most important, we met many wonderful ,kind and creative people that don’t stop educate themselves in order to improve themselves and their work. I’m grateful for being part of this program and I will surely use what I’ve learned in my classroom.

Testimony of Katerina Sapounaki

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