Creativity in schools

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When we talk about art, well-known artists always come to mind, but keep in mind that we can have art and be artists without depending on our knowledge about it or on how we have been educated.
In this training course we are learning that art is a way of expressing ourselves, a tool to offer our students, colleagues and future collaborators.
When we start to think creatively, we will let our imagination run wild and see how we can get out of our comfort zone.
We start by learning the basics, circles as facial shapes and elements of the face, and then we learn to see perspectives.
Once we have the character, we create a host, preparing a comic from scratch.
Once the story is written, we can analyze it afterwards, see how the process has been and we can have a payback.
It is very important that we teach in schools, since in the future it will allow professionals to carry out their work efficiently.
We must start in our town and extend it to all public schools, the study of creativity is the most important thing.
Expressing through creativity is a very simple way to open our feelings to people.

Testimony of Daniela Maza Soto.

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