Challenges teachers are facing

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During the last decade, education has known innovative transformations, particularly a)the student-centred learning creative perspective, assigning meaningful tasks, rather than the teacher being the transmitter of information, and b)the integration of technology in the classroom. As a learner, I feel confident when I am learning by doing, an approach that has been popularized by John Dewey. The same goes for my students, I have noticed that they learn more easily when I implement this type of approach. Of course, this cannot be a panacea, since each person has his/her own learning style and diverse abilities. Therefore, teachers ought to differentiate the learning content, as well as the learning process, according to our students’ needs, interests and preferences.
There are several concepts related to responding to one’s pedagogue “calling”, such as the role of emotions, the training of motivation and learning goals setting.
Regarding digital learning resources, fortunately we are witnessing many and varied creative educational tools in the EU countries, aiming to actively engage as many students as possible.
However, a major concern is that, due to the limited education funding, in Greece we do not have psychologists in schools on everyday basis, who would support to battle burn out, alleviate students’ and teachers’ stress, build effective communication channels, create intervention plans and handle problems positively.
All of the above things considered, what does impactful education need so as to allow us, teachers, to fulfill our vision of making a difference with the youth?

Testimony of Anastasia Voutyra

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