Butterfly Effect

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns drastically changed the educational opportunities of young people. This period showed the importance of having creative and digital skills when working with young people. They need to be able to engage young people and keep their attention with engaging lessons and activities.The artistic methods used in education can stimulate creativity and bring mindfulness, which can both help to increase the motivation of youngsters in the challenging context of the pandemic. Combining non-formal education, visual arts, and digital technology can be a helpful way for youth workers to meet their needs. Nonetheless, educators need to be trained on how to use the new digital tools in order to develop quality education.
During 24 months, three partner organizations from Spain, Greece and also Romania are collaborating to empower 200 young workers affected by the consequences of the pandemic, to develop a high-quality informal learning process using technical tools in a digital framework. The Butterfly Effect (BE) project aims to empower 200 young workers by giving them New digital competences and training them on how to adapt technical methodologies to the new digital system. The 200 beneficiaries are youth workers with fewer opportunities, including mainly experts in the field of visual arts, graphic arts, and information technology.

Testimony of Ana Toro.

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