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I value experiential learning because it involves a greater degree of involvement, a stronger emotional component, so more lasting results.
During the Butterfly Effect course – Greece, as a primary school teacher, I discovered a lot of games and other activities that I will use with my students. I mention two of them here, in the hope that they will inspire other teachers as well.
Bingo with the name
Each has a label with as many lines as there are letters in its name. He walks among the others and receives on the label, from other participants, the letters that their names have in common. In this way, the members of the group interact and know their names.
The lion in the jungle
It is a game in which there are two camps: the lion and the jungle animals. The latter are placed on chairs, and one chair is empty. The purpose of the lion is to sit on the chair, and of the animals to prevent it. They can get up from the chair to occupy the empty seat, but once lifted, they cannot sit in the same chair again until they have taken another seat. The game requires team spirit, strategy, attention and more. The game energizes, and at the same time increases the cohesion of the group.
There were also activities that led to personal insights, as was the activity that aimed to increase the plasticity of the brain starting from unique drawing tasks. This is based on the orientation called Gestaltism which says that naturally, the brain tends to integrate parts into a whole.
I am grateful for the chance to prepare in pairs or individually workshops in which methods and applications that can be used in education were presented: ChatterPix, Cube Story, Book Trailer, PowerPoint, Lapbook and Book Creator.

Testimony of Nicoleta Marin

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