This summer I had my first experience with Erasmus Youth Programme (just during the European..

The role of visual arts in the development of the child’s personality

The Butterfly Effect project, KA 227, implemented by ACTOR Romania, was for us, teaching staff..

The importance of interactive tools

In an increasingly digital world, using technology and interactive tools in the classroom is more..

The comic as a creative learning tool:

The Butterfly Effect Project brings us closer to new learning methodologies through a more creative..

The butterfly effect project

The butterfly effect project had a strong educational effect in many ways, coming in contact..

Story telling

The Erasmus Butterfly Effect project K2 brought together young people and teachers from Romania, Spain..

I was taught that

I was taught that there was only one way to study: sit down, pick up..


Education is probably one of the most abstract and ambiguous concepts I have ever known..

Digital tools in Education

This summer I participated for the first time in an international training course in Greece..