Art, Drawings and Comics.

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We started our journey in the day 1, in Nea Makri, Greece, next to the beautiful sea. First moments of the session where hold on the beach where we got to discover more things about each other through energizers as well as a sand castle competition. The day went on with the afternoon session where we understood in deep what Erasmus means and the differences between mobilities. The day went on by having 6 different tasks to be completed in teams, tasks related to drawing such as self-portrait or having to draw upsidedown a character.
In the second day we continued in the morning session with the art of drawing by expressing ourselves into drawing different faces with different mood’s. We continued with the drawings in the afternoon where we had more flexibility into expressing ourselves by drawing several faces from several angles as well as completing the other tasks. We finished the day by making comics out of our drawings using mobile apps thay surely will be useful for each of us in the future.
We opened the third day of the session by having space to express ourselves, making our own workshop, having different activities during workshops from having to make stories out of random people/places/types of food, etc. to discovering how Greek as a second language it’s taught in Greece.
I can conclude by saying that all the experience I gathered so far would be useful for me in my future perspectives.

Testimony of Iosif Daniel Dinita

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