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For me, gaining experience and great knowledge is very important, because both of them can be “life leaders” in different ways! Each information that we receive from the environment can be used to develop ourselves – and, talking about practice, even the mistakes we make can be used for developing something beautiful! Another reason would be that I want to share with my students as much useful information as I can – from both theory and practice – so they can choose which ones are more fitting for them! And, most importantly, one caracteristic that I want to develop in myself and others is CREATIVITY, because it can very much help with problem solving in all life circumstances – and it’s better to train it especially from a young age.
So, this training course was very inspiring and useful for me! I have learned many things about how to get the students’ attention and/or to help them develop their creativity through art-related digital applications (in a picture below is an example of a small work on ChatterPix) or “physical” exercises (draw, cut and glue, etc. – in the other picture you can see some dice with images – my team and I created a story based on what we got – “Once upon a time, in Michigan, there was a cenachero enjoying a sandwich while staring at a Van Gogh painting. Meanwhile, his fish were eaten by some cats”) from more experienced and knowledgeable teachers!
The favorite thing I learned was drawing comic books, because they “trained” my brain to see and draw faces from different perspectives and to think creatively to give each character an identity and many different emotions. I think this exercise is really powerful and very useful when working with children!
I am looking forward to using all these methods in my class one day!

Testimony of Maria Solomon.

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